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Knowledge And Decisions  by  Thomas Sowell

Knowledge And Decisions by Thomas Sowell
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If you can only read one book on knowledge and how it affects human decision-making, I would highly recommend Knowledge and Decisions. It is an updated expansion of Friedrich Hayeks famous paper On the Use of Knowledge in Society, most of the extra material being relevant examples in the fields of economics, history, law, and politics. There is a wealth of facts and data here, and conclusions drawn from those facts will be a challenge to accepted ideologies on the left and the right. This book will force you to think carefully about how the world works, and how certain beliefs about this world can lead to consequences of which nobody could have conceived.On the other hand, while the writing style is quite readable and to-the-point, it can also be a bit dry.

My progress was very slow, mostly because it took a lot of energy to digest all the facts and arguments in this very dense, though relatively short book (many other books covering the topics this book addresses are much longer and much more boring). It is definitely something to be taken carefully with a heavy helping of deep thinking. A multi-grain, high-fiber diet for your brain.

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