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Maverick Mindset  by  Dr. John Eliot

Maverick Mindset by Dr. John Eliot
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John Eliot, Ph.D., is an award-winning professor with expertise in business and psychology. He is on the faculty are Rice University, and an adjunct professor at SMU Cox School of Business Leadership Center and the University of Houston. In 2000, he co-founded The Milestone Group, which provides performance consultation, evaluation, and training to business executives, professional athletes, and corporations nationwide.In The Maverick Mindset: Renowned consultant Dr.

John Eliot reveals everything he has learned about how the truly exceptional achievers in this world have, and HAVENT attained their exalted heights of accomplishment and will show you what they do, and how you can make their unconventional, contrarian habits and practices your own.While most people are busy goal setting, visualizing success, trying to get in the flow, and doing all the other things theyve been convinced will bring results theyre looking for, the worlds most exceptional performers, from billionaire CEOs, world-renowned surgeons, Olympic athletes, Grammy-winning rock stars, are doing NONE OF THEM.

These mavericks have bucked the standard success system in favor of a radically different model of thinking. And, theyre living better, earning more, and achieving at the highest levels.Youll discover how to:*Turn stress and pressure into a personal advantage. Radically change how much you get done while actually needing less time - a shift in thinking you can make immediately*Focus like Ted Williams or Tiger Woods.

Distinguish the important from the unimportant in any given situation so you can concentrate only on information that will bring you the greatest return on investment*Be the Socrates of your business. Pull yourself out of a slump or lapses in confidence- never have them again with a succinct and extremely potent seven-word philosophy*Reframe your self-image in a way that will completely transform you

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