Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex. Part One- A Beginners Guide Carol Martin-Sperry


Published: April 18th 2013



Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex. Part One- A Beginners Guide  by  Carol  Martin-Sperry

Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex. Part One- A Beginners Guide by Carol Martin-Sperry
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Sex is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It’s free and can easily take less than an hour. Every one of us is a sexual being whether we are having sex or not. It’s such a natural activity, surely it should be quite straightforward once you have got the hang of it?Yet many of us are having infrequent or unsatisfactory sex, or we are not having sex at all. What has gone wrong?Why is it so complicated? What can we do to put it right?Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex is an essential three-part guide by the leading sex therapist Carol Martin-Sperry.

In this ground-breaking, practical book she draws upon three decades of experience as one of the UK’s leading counselors to examine the most common issues of sexual development.In a clear, insightful and helpful way, she combines psychological insight and practical advice to show couples how to have better sex – and so how to have a better relationship.In Part One - Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex: A Beginner’s Guide - Carol Martin-Sperry looks at the how, what and why of sex, discusses the meaning of sex and what happens to your body before during and after sex as you grow from childhood to adulthood.

It explores both male and female difficulties with sex, and illustrates each point with real-life stories and offers sex therapy exercises to restore a more fulfilling sexual relationship.Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex is the most up-to-date, insightful and helpful guide to sexuality on the market - an invaluable aid to people everywhere.Carol Martin-Sperry is a couples and sex therapist, writer, broadcaster and media consultant.

She is a Fellow of The British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy with over 25 years experience as a psychosexual therapist. She was profiled in the Guardian and listed in the Evening Standard’s top 20 therapists. Previously she worked for Club Med, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as a literary French translator.Carol is the author of “Couples and Sex”, a textbook for professionals.Endeavour Press is the UKs leading independent digital publisher.

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